Sweets & Confectionery
Sweets are the heartbeat of Arenel our beginning, with over 30 different types to be enjoyed by our customers. Always Arenel Always the Best. Arenel sweets come in hard boiled candy, lollipops, toffees, apricots, eclairs and a variety of jelly sweets. Arenel also produces Rage chocolate bars which come in 4 flavours.

Le Pars Ani Jubes
Le Pars Jelly Jubes
Le Pars Jelly Babies
Silkies Mixed Fruit
Silkies Raspberry
Silkies Black Carrant
Silkies Lemon Menthol
Silkies Mint
Silkies Orange
Silkies Raspberry
Jelly Babies
Jelly Fish
Variety Canon Balls
Super Mix
Aniseed Boilings
Strawberry Eclairs
Coffee Bon Bon
Sherbet Bon Bon
Original Jellies
Apricot Balls
Chocolate Eclairs
Red Mouth Sherbet Pops
Zambezi Pops
Zambezi Pops Chocolate
Arctic Mint
Rage Peppermint Chocolate
Rage Chocolate with Peanuts
Rage Milky Chocolate