Over the recent years Arenel has diversified into beverage production with more than 5 lines:
Mukombe Maheu – A traditional maize meal-based beverage which is a source of energy and roughage. Mukombe Maheu comes in 5 flavours: sorghum, banana, strawberry, original and chocolate.
Milky Sip – A milk-based beverage to be enjoyed by all age groups. Milky Sip has 3 flavours: vanilla, orange and chocolate.
Hydro Boost – Thirst quenching purified still water which undergoes a 7 way purification processes.
Fruletta juice – A refreshing beverage that comes in 4 flavours: orange, mango, litchi and granadilla.

New products
Raptor sports drink – An isotonic sports energy drink which is ideal for athletes and sports persons alike. It replenishes salts and sugars lost through sweating from rigorous workouts.
Spartan energy drink – To go the extra mile, Spartan energy drink provides a source of B – vitamins, carbohydrates and caffeine.

Maheu Traditional
Maheu Orange
Maheu Strawberry
Ginger Maheu
Chocolate Maheu
sorghum Malt Maheu
Banana Maheu
Vanilla Milky Sip
Chocolate Milky Sip
Black Currant Maheu
Hydro Boost
Fruletta Mango
Fruletta Litchi
Fruletta Orange
Fruletta Granadilla